Why opt for cloud-based dental software instead of on-premise?

When you use an on-premise software, you're faced with significant hardware expenses, including the cost of the server and the need for IT experts to install and maintain it. Moreover, when the server malfunctions, crashes, or is damaged by natural or accidental disasters, you must quickly find outsourced IT services to fix it.

Fortunately, there is an alternative option, cloud-based dental software.

Automatic upgrades and cost savings

In addition to the significant cost savings that come with using a cloud-based system, the major advantage is that upgrades are done automatically overnight and do not require manual intervention from clinic staff. Therefore, when using a cloud-based dental clinic management system, there will be no downtime for the clinic, and you won't need to allocate time and resources to installing upgrades.

Unlike the cloud, if your clinic runs on a server, periodic software upgrades are necessary, sometimes accompanied by additional fees. You may not consider every upgrade to be a purchasing decision, but the costs and downtime required for these updates add up over time.

Acces data from anywhere

Another important benefit offered by using a cloud-based system is that you can access clinic data from anywhere. There is no need to install programs or connect through a VPN. This means that clinic staff can access data remotely, even from their phones, and can be more flexible when it comes to their work schedules.


SmileSIM technology is cloud-based, and data is hosted in data centers with multiple security measures in place. The full-time job of a cloud host is to carefully monitor security, which is much more efficient than a conventional in-house system, where an organization has to split its efforts between multiple concerns, with security being just one of them.

According to a study by RapidScale, 94% of companies saw an improvement in security after implementing cloud-based systems.

Additionally, cloud-based dental software also allows you to specify which members of your clinic can access different types of information. This type of control will help protect sensitive data from malicious employees who may be tempted to seek information they shouldn't have access to.

In conclusion, switching to a cloud-based dental clinic management system can offer significant cost savings, increased flexibility for staff, and improved security measures. With technology constantly evolving, it's important to consider the benefits of cloud-based systems to stay ahead of the curve and improve the overall efficiency and security of your dental clinic.