Patient engagement and the role of technology

As a dentist, you probably already know how important patient satisfaction is to the success of your practice. Technology can help, and many of the latest software tools are designed to improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

But what exactly is patient engagement?

Simply put, patient engagement refers to the patient's active involvement in their own care. This means that patients are empowered to take an active role in managing their health and are encouraged to participate in decisions about their treatment. This means they are more likely to follow their treatment plan and make lifestyle changes that can improve their overall health. And patients that are satisfied with their care, will return to the clinic and recommend you to their family and friends.

How can technology help us?

The Patient App

With the app, patients can access their dental records, view upcoming appointments and communicate with their dentist. By giving your patients access to a patient app, you can improve their engagement, so they can take a more active role in their oral health.

Treatment planning and education

Patients want to understand their treatment options and be involved in the decision-making process. With treatment planning tools, you can show patients what their options are and help them make informed decisions about their oral health. These tools can also be used to provide patients with educational materials such as videos and articles about oral health and hygiene.