SmileSIM Update 23.11.01 - Dental clinic invoices in the application

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Minor update v23.11.01 Release Note

SmileSIM® Dental Application Update Note - Appointments organized by practice

Version: 23.10.02

Date: 2023-10-23

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The new feature, "Manage Dental Clinic Invoices Directly in the App", allows the manager, dentists, and reception to manage invoices directly from the app. This significantly simplifies the billing process by eliminating the need to use a separate software or manually enter data into the app.

The benefits of the new feature:

  • Efficiency: The billing process is simplified and streamlined, saving time and effort.
  • Comfort: Invoices can be created and sent directly from the application, without the need to use separate software.
  • Security: Patient data is securely stored on SmileSIM servers.

Other Changes

  • General performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy this new release!

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