SmileSIM Update 24.01.01 - Staging the treatment plan

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Minor update v23.12.01 Release Note

SmileSIM® Dental Application Update Note - Staging and Variants for the treatment plan

Version: 24.01.01

Date: 2024-01-15

The new treatment plan update includes the following changes:

Smilesim dental software application treatment plan stage
  • Treatment plans can be staged, which allows dentists to divide the treatment into multiple stages, each with its own goals and costs. This can be helpful for simplifying communication with patients and providing a clearer view of the treatment.
  • Multiple versions can be created for each stage, which gives dentists more flexibility in planning the treatment.
  • A case team can be established for each stage, which can help improve coordination between the different professionals involved in the treatment.
  • Performance optimizations have been made, which makes the treatment plan faster and easier to use.

The new appointment update includes the following changes:

Smilesim dental software application calendar with appointments displayed on the colors of the dentists
  • The calendar can be viewed by office or by dentist, making it easier to find the appointments of a particular dentist or the availability of an office.
  • The calendar can be filtered by dentists.
  • The color of the dentists can be changed and displayed in the calendar, which helps for easier visualization of appointments.
  • Performance optimizations have been made.

SmileSIM is an interdisciplinary dental software that provides a wide range of features to help dental clinics streamline their operations and deliver a better experience to patients.

Benefits for dentists

The new features provide a number of benefits for physicians, including:

  • Treatment planning is more efficient and clearer
  • Communication with patients is more efficient
  • Coordination between different professionals involved in treatment is better

Benefits for patients

The new features offer a range of benefits for patients as well, including:

  • Patients have a clearer picture of the treatment plan and the costs involved

Other Changes

  • General performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy this new release!

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