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Major Update v23.07 2023 Q2 Release Note

Hi everyone! We are back with another development diary for SmileSIM Dental App and today is all about the new and improved Cloud Drive feature. With the release of version 23.07, we brought new functionality and optimizations. The most important improvements follow in the article.

Easy and clean management of clinic files

Managing dental clinic files in a growing business was a core part of SmileSIM Cloud Drive and going into the sequel we knew we wanted to bring you a more advanced system, both to address the feedback you shared during the last period.

smilesim dental app cloud management files for patients
Smilesim cloud drive files management
SmileSIM dental app quick access to patient files feature
SmileSIM quick access to patient files

Quick access to patient files

The patient record feature conveniently provides quick access to patient data when needed. Now we can create the treatment plan without leaving the workspace, always having access to the patient's files.

Create dental files directly in the drive!

Now we can create the treatment plan and the studio article directly from SmileSIM Cloud Drive. How cool is that?

SmileSIM dental software cloud drive create file system feature
SmileSIM cloud create file system
SmileSIM dental app cloud drive auto-generates files and folders features
SmileSIM cloud auto-generates files and folders

Auto-generates files and folders

The patient folder is automatically created when a new patient is added to your dental clinic so that you can take care of the important things.

With that, we find ourselves at the end of this development diary. We hope this provides insight into SmileSIM Dental App features and will help you design the perfect smiles. SmileSIM development diary has been reoccurring topic and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the more advanced features for your business.

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