What’s new in SmileSIM 2023 Q1

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Major Update v23.04 2023 Q1 Release Note

SmileSIM is far from perfect, that's why we dedicate our efforts to developing a stable and high-performance software, so that you can enjoy the best experience. With the release of version 23.04, we have introduced new functionalities and optimizations. The most important improvements are detailed in the article.

Get ready to smile, wherever you go with the SmileSIM mobile app!

Stay organized, access patient information on-the-go, appointments, and treatment plans from anywhere, anytime!

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Seamless connection, seamless access across multiple devices.

All devices keep their login independent to allow you fast and secure access.

Pregătește-te să zâmbești oriunde te duci cu aplicația mobilă SmileSIM!

Rămâneți organizat, accesați informații despre pacient din mers, programări și planuri de tratament de oriunde și oricând!

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SmileSIM Treatment Plan

The pre-beta treatment plan

Dental clinics in the pre-beta group have already received the treatment plan module for use. That means it's not much longer and will become available to everyone.

It's important to note that while we want to give our users the best possible experience, SmileSIM is still in Beta and we need to be aware that there may be times when the software becomes more difficult or there may be small problems while using the product. That's why we want to offer a 25% discount throughout the entire Beta version of our product.

This special discount is a sign of appreciation for entrepreneurs who choose to partner with us by using SmileSIM services, and we hope that it will make up for any discomfort that may arise.

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