SmileSIM Update 23.10.02 - Appointments organized by operatories

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Minor update v23.10.02 Release Note

SmileSIM® Dental Application Update Note - Appointments organized by practice

Versiune: 23.10.02

Data: 2023-10-23

smilesim lista cabinete stomatologie pentru programari pacienti
  • Patient appointments organized by operatory: Now you can organize patient appointments by cabinet. This will help you optimize your workflow.
  • Images copied for patient studio items: Now the patient studio item will create a copy of the images for faster loading and security. This will help prevent accidental image loss.
  • Navigation features to the clinic for the patient app: Now patients can easily get directions to your dental clinic using Google Maps or Waze directly from the patient's mobile app.
  • Upload PDF files to drive: You can now upload PDF files to your clinic drive. This is a great way to store and share important documents with your patients or colleagues.
  • New type of discount coupon for subscription renewal: Now you can offer your patients a new type of discount coupon for subscription renewal. This will help you retain patients and increase revenue.

Other Changes

  • General performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy this new release!

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