Reports and statistics software application feature

Reports and statistics

With the help of Smilesim, reports and statistics can be generated so that the manager has an overview of the clinic's activity at any time.

Financial documents software application feature

Financial documents

Smilesim Financial is the indispensable module for generating financial documents: invoices, proformas and tax receipts in a very short time. Invoices can be sent directly from the application to the patient's email. Also, regardless of the type of cash register, you can easily print the tax receipt directly from the software.

Interoperability software application feature


Because it was designed specifically for stoma clinics, the payment situation can be managed in close connection with the appointments module, having the option to check the payment status related to a patient's appointment and the option to check the payment postponement, or the payment in several stages. The reception or the doctor will see in real time the payment status related to an appointment.

Reports and statistics software application feature

SmileSIM® Accountancy

Dental software application

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Software application description

SmileSIM accountancy offers financial instruments. Invoice management, collaboration management, transaction reports ...

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