Patient Appointments software application feature

Patient Appointments

An appointment can be marked in various representative colors and can be easily and quickly modified from any device with internet connection. You can change the date or time of an appointment in the main menu with a simple "drag and drop". Schedules can be viewed by hour, day, week, or month. The appointments can be viewed in a calendar menu, which you can customize as needed, to be as quick to use and to help you save time. You can add / edit appointments on any device with an internet connection. An appointment added to the reception automatically appears on the doctor's computer / phone. Another important aspect is that the software has been designed to automate and simplify the work. This way you can check the stage of the appointment, if it has been honored or if the patient did not show up. Here you can also see the payment status for that schedule.

Patient File software application feature

Patient File

The doctor has all the necessary documents to record the patient's therapeutic progress: patient record, dental status, x-rays, clinical pictures, intraoral camera shots, all very well structured, to be accessed as easily as possible, from wherever you are. It's that simple.

Patient Notifications software application feature

Patient Notifications

SmileSIM helps you to replace the classic way of communicating with patients, automating repetitive tasks and increasing productivity. Booking data is automatically sent to patients via email and SMS. Reminders of appointments help to reduce the number of appointments canceled due to patient no-shows. In addition, SmileSIM contributes to customer loyalty by automatically sending messages to patients on their birthdays, directly from the application.

Patient Account software application feature

Patient Account

With the consent of the clinic manager, the patient can register on the site through accounts set up for patients, and will have access to his appointments and the evolution of the treatment plan. The patient can also complete the GDPR consent forms or agreement online.

Management and Administration software application feature

Management and Administration

The SmileSIM interface is configured differently depending on the role of each user. Thus, the manager can have an overview of all the information, while a doctor will have access only to his appointments and patients, and the reception will have access only to those categories of information established by the manager. Now it's so easy to set a medical staff schedule. You also have access to the period of medical leave and rest, free days of the medical staff to better manage the days or the time interval in which appointments can be made.

Cloud Security software application feature

Cloud Security

Your data belongs to you, and you can access, edit, or delete it at any time. SmileSIM will not use your data without your consent and, when it does, will use it to provide only the services you have chosen. Control of your data is enhanced by Smilesim's compliance with widely applicable privacy laws, such as GDPR and privacy standards, such as the world's first international code of practice for cloud privacy, ISO / IEC 27018. At Smilesim, we value, protect and defend privacy. We believe in transparency so that individuals and organizations can control their data and have meaningful choices about how they are used. We support and protect the privacy options of every person who uses our products and services. The data is encrypted, so no one can access it without the permission of the office or the patient. We keep the data encrypted on the server and the security keys on a separate server. We also back up data on our servers on a daily basis.

Patient Appointments software application feature

SmileSIM® Scheduler

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Software application description

Indispensable to the modern clinic, the Appointment Management package brings to the fore the intelligent Suggestion Functions with an intuitive design, accessibility, notifications and accessible patient accounts.

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